Welcome to Anna Maria Island

Welcome to Anna Maria Island. Home of the beautiful beaches, delicious seafood and miles of gorgeous sunsets. While driving around Anna Maria Island, you will never see speeds over 35 miles per hour. Even people who ride bikes around town seem like they are going fast but they are very cautious of the things and their surroundings around them. As you may not know, this island is anything but small. The perfect Oceanside beach front views, are about 8 miles long. It also houses more than 3,500 people. Even the most northern part of the island can hold up to 1,900 residents comfortably.

As you are viewing the gorgeous areas around town, you will notice that we do not have any taller condominiums nor do we have any golden columns. The area Gulf Drive, is a long road that runs parallel to the water and has many canals that stem from the mainstream. This allows plenty of access for houses to be directly on the water. A bonus to living on or next to the water, is not having to waste gas. Since there are so many areas that are in walking distance, you can ride your bike, skate with your family or even put on those good ‘ole sandals and take a refreshing walk. As peaceful as it is, Anna Maria Island is also called home to many animals. It is quiet enough that even the sea turtles are laying their eggs everywhere. Even while your swimming in the beautiful clear beaches, you may come across some dolphins playing around, crabs crawling around the bottom of the ocean, or you may even bump into a stingray while shuffling your feet.

Besides digging your feet in the sand or walking along the waters edge, the next best thing to spend your time on is relaxing. With public golf courses and open fishing areas, the island resorts are amazing places to getaway. However, if you just want to sit somewhere and get a massage or do a little fine dinning, we do offer a few private resorts like the Key Royal Club. Anna Maria is here to provide you with the best experiences both visually and mentally. It’s nice to sometimes put aside your problems and relax.

Viewing The Island:
The famous saying, seeing is believing, is the best sentence that I would use to describe Anna Maria Island. From the beautiful beaches, white sand in between your toes, and the breathtaking sunsets, you will have the best experience here. People can not wait to hurry out to the waters edge so they can enjoy the magical sunset. And as the sky darkens and moon appears bright in the sky, you can see the moonlight shimmering on the waters ripples. Definitely a sight you must see. Can you think of a better way to end your day at the beach?

One of the main focuses here on the island is the restaurants. On the main strip of the island, you have the Rod and Reel Pier. There you can sit on top of the water and enjoy a nice seafood dinner while you overlook the water. You may even see a dolphin jump out of the water or somebody catch a shark, who was on the deck fishing. Another good place is the Beach House. While watching the sunset, you can have a blast singing karaoke, have a few specialty drinks and enjoy the outgoing atmosphere. If you don’t want to dine in, the island also offers plenty of sweet treats around town. Ginny’s and Jane E’s is the best for ice cream, delicious baked goodies as well as furniture. Stop by and have a refreshing cup of coffee. And the best part is that beach attire is a must. No need to dress fancy. Even sandals are accepted.

How We Describe The Beach:
A must see is a place called Bean Point. It is located on the northern tip of the Anna Maria Island. Even though it is a public beach, the residential homes that are around the area help maintain in keeping the place nice and quiet. From this point, you are able to travel around the whole island and never leave the sand. Amazing! The beach seems to be a tour guide in itself. By going north or south, you are able to venture around the island.

Along with traveling in sandals and walking alongside the water, we do offer another way of getting around town. We actually have trolleys! Yes, I said trolleys. Our complimentary trolleys are here to drive you around to whatever destination you please. Whether you are searching for beach shops, restaurants, or even wanting to visit other beaches, your options are endless. Just jump on and enjoy the fresh air while you are being taken to your next island adventure. We even have tourists how come just to ride the trolley. It is kind of like a tourist bus that drives you from one side of the island all the way to the other side. Our informative trolley drivers have lived on the island for many years. When selecting these drivers, we were wanting people who could talk to our residents or tourists and answer questions that they may have regarding our island. I think that is what sets our transportation apart from others.

The Friendly Islanders:
As you may already know, Florida is the biggest retirement state in the USA. But can you blame them? As many young people that reside on Anna Maria Island, we also have an equal amount of older groups. Some people have grown up here their entire lives and do not plan to move anytime soon. There also are the group of people who have lived elsewhere but have moved to the island are to be closer to the water. Either way, the island community is a well blended network area. We have everything you could ask for; Clothing shops, dinning, fishing, boating, golfing, swimming and so much more. We welcome you to come out anything to enjoy the nice getaway. Have fun. Relax in the sun. You will realize that once you visit, you will soon be addicted to the salt life.