The Beaches Of Anna Maria Island

The Beaches Of Anna Maria Island

If you are searching for beautiful beaches around the Bradenton area, you are just in luck. But why have one beach when you can have several beautiful beaches located on a single island? Anna Maria Island actually has six different beaches that you can visit. Listed are, Cortez Beach, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Manatee Beach, Coquina Beach and Anna Maria Beach. All of these amazing beaches are just around the corner from each other, so beach hopping is a must.

On the west coast of Florida, just south of the Tampa Bay, is where Anna Maria Island is located. It is right off of Bradenton’s shoreline. The great Florida charm is certainly the explanation to Anna Maria’s seven mile stretch of breathtaking surroundings, and with every beach spot just literally in walking distance or a bike ride away. It is nice that the entire island is nestled amidst a sugar white colored coastline where the turtles have a comfortable place to nest. Don’t forget to mention our remarkably crystal clear water where the manatees as well as dolphins are seen swimming and jumping No need for a water park and rides when you have the beautiful peaceful waters around you to relax in.

At the northern tip is where The City of Anna Maria is located. There are a great amount of residential homes in the community as well as several rental properties and cottages. The majority of residents rather walk the water or ride their bikes. Known for being called the City of Anna Maria Island, it is anything but a city. Instead, it is an old-fashioned little town. Pine Street is the primary road from one side of the beach to the other, as well as from the bay to the beach. Along this road is where enchanting family owned and built stores are located and cafes are situated in charming Florida cottages. Along the strip is also where there is a shopping center that features clothing shops, novelty item stores, and even ice cream parlors. Among the Floridians that have lived here all their lives, we have several desired artists who have decided to reside in area that they can benefit from their surrounding. Sunrises and sunsets sure do make the best artwork to hang in your Floridian home or local gallery.

The Anna Maria Beach can be easily accessible by touring the hidden side streets along the Gulf Drive. This spectacular beach has substantial open views belonging to the St. Petersburg area, the Gulf Of Mexico along with the perfect views of the legendary Skyway Bridge.

What is known as the centerpiece of Anna Maria Island is Holmes Beach. This has been proven to be the most hectic portion on the island. As well as busy traffic, you also have the overflow of traffic coming from the bridge that connects the island to the City of Bradenton. One of the public beaches, also referred to as the Manatee Beach, is the first sight you will see as you cross over the manatee bridge. This beach has lots of fun features such as volley ball courts, concession stands, live bands, boat and jet ski rentals as well as many clothing shops, ice cream stands and other recreational spots. With everything surrounding this beach, it really makes for a good community destination to visit, stay at or even hang out for a while.

While you may be heading in the southern area, the town of Bradenton Beach is known as a population featuring the historical Bridge Street for exciting shopping as well as enjoying a great seafood restaurant which is settled at the end of the pier, overlooking the Sarasota Bay. Bridge Street is known for the special events that take place such as talented art shows, local Mardi gras, movie night, old fashion car shows, etc. Its is a very fun place to be at with your family. However, if you just want to pamper yourself at a one of our day spas, we have a few options for you. Or perhaps you want to take a couple friends or family to enjoy fine dining and drinks with nightly entertainment. This place has it all! Across from the Bridge Street as you are continuing to head south is the Cortez Beach along with the Coquina Beach. It is made up of a 96 acre, Australian pine shaded sanctuary of pure beauty. When you reach the southern most point, on what is called the bay side of Anna Maria Island, there are sandy paths that are surrounded by flourishing shrubbery that will lead you to the Sarasota Bay. There you can see several varieties of shore birds like osprey, spoonbills, oyster catchers, least terns, and many others. The views that you are able to capture all around Anna Maria Island are a one of a kind experience. You will leave this place with breathtaking views embedded in your memory.

If your planning on staying a while, we suggest that you park your car and hop on to see the sights on our FREE trolleys. They will take you from the Manatee Beach, Anna Maria Pier, Coquina Beach, Longboat Key and around St. Armand’s Circle. The service begins at 6:00a.m. And runs until 10:30p.m. The trolley will arrive at the designated area every 20 to 30 minutes.

If you are intending to hang around for a while, we have some recommendations for housing rentals.

Anna Maria Island is the place to let loose, relax, enjoy and take in all of the surroundings. This beautiful place is not only a tourist attraction, but it is called home to many. We share our home for you to enjoy. So please, Welcome to our beaches, indulge in our lovely seafood and get rid of all of your built up stress.